[Cin] Canvas in compositor and canvas on timeline are different things ....

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 02:11:49 CEST 2023

Guess who posted?


I have no steam for translating, but main point - our documentation  kinda
confusing when it comes to timeline's canvas and compositor's canvas.


А вот определение
холста, недавно зашедшее в руководство по Cin-GG  -  грубая ошибка,
свидетельствующая о непонимании фундаментальных основ программы:
*The entire space comprised by the timebar (horizontal extent) and the
stack of the tracks, whether empty or occupied, (vertical extent) is called
the canvas, in analogy of the workspace of raster graphics programs or the
painter's canvas. It is usual to interchange the terms timeline and canvas.
In the canvas, Audio tracks are different from Video tracks so a media
including both audio and video will be split into 2 or more indipendent
tracks. There is no like function present in other programs, although there
are workarounds.*

Оказывается (и отныне) временная линейка и монтажный стол с треками, по
мнению cin-gg community - это холст.
Ну и дальше там ещё отжигают:
*"..media loaded in the timeline (canvas).. This leads to some advantages
(e.g. putting an effect only in a part of the edit) but one must always
keep in mind that the edit remains dependent on the track and the entire

Эх, community ... Много героев - мало понимания.


we have canvas.C and trackcanvas.C - both are drawing areas, but with
different goals. I guess documentation was written in a bit of hurry, and
this nuance was not noticed. But now this is weighted against us, accusing
us in not understanding how cinelerra works. Amazing. I guess at this point
only two programmers ( Adam and Einar) have full enough understanding of
cinelerra's internals, and making this 'hidden' knowledge into docs is task
in itself. But ya, because 'we' have hurt feelings 'we' can't process lets
just charge without helping - because being bully always works, right?

What I dislike in whole situation - how one ex-contributor just continues
to put especially us on pike, and in this behind-the-back way. I guess
writing two lines to list just hurt too much . :-|

Now exactly *I* feel hurt, and while I doubt this will made me quit, I do
not want to silently  eat it, too.

So, yeah ....
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