[Cin] Again on plugins in floating point (HDR)

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sun Dec 3 09:41:00 CET 2023

Sorry, I didn't have time to test anything and I don't know if I can see 
something on my screen because it is set/calibrated to sRGB only.
I think the question could be,... would the changes for clipping in the 
plugins'code would be compatible with our old projects?

Il 01/12/2023 21:59, Andrea paz via Cin ha scritto:
> Thanks Andrew; you and I have already talked about this at length, I
> hope there is someone knowledgeable enough to go through the Histogram
> Bezier code to find out how to overcome the "0 - 1.0" range. Another
> important (but probably even more complex) thing would be to be able
> to get your patches to work for the X11-OpenGL driver as well, which I
> think is the most widely used.
> Speaking of patches, can I ask you the favor of creating a patch that
> encapsulates the changes to histogram.C and color3way.C? A patch to be
> installed with "git am ..." (with a .patch extension). I am doing a
> lot of builds and it is tedious for me to edit the code manually.
> Finally, a consideration. Without your patches the RGBA-FLOAT color
> model is almost useless with plugins because it allows unclipped
> calculations only for Gamma and Blue Banana. With your patches almost
> all plugins work in floating point (even Videoscope, without the
> "smooth" option); only HistEQ and Histogram Bezier remain excluded. So
> I think your patches are an important addition to CinGG. Do you think
> it's better to try to make an appimage with your patches so that
> others can test them, or can we put them directly into git, since I've
> done a lot of testing by now without the slightest problem?
> Phyllis, what do you think? IgorBeg, Terje, Pierre and everyone else;
> what do you think?

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