[Cin] Updated x265 snapshot from another thread

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 14:39:22 CET 2023

>> I didn't understand what the 17122023 patch brings again.
> Without the patch you can not render 10 or 12 bit.

I meant whether the 0010 patch only served termux or changed the
libraries as well, because I experienced a very high rendering speed
increase (about 10/20 fps more). That's a very big jump (and

> I am trying to get 3 things all ready to test on other systems -- HDR, libaom 3.8, and x265 -- so when I do, I will check to make sure multibit compile works there too and make it a default.  Even if it takes longer for me.  At one point I thought that if you rendered 8-bit on the multibit x265, it would result in a bigger file than on the build non-multibit system.  But I did a render test today and the files were exactly the same.

As you said, for me also the size of the files obtained with the
multibit and std versions is identical, as is the quality (to the eye)
of the video. The rendering speed is similar (just faster the std
version, but by a little). I would be for eliminating the std version
and using only the multibit, but on this point I would like to hear
everyone's opinion.

@Andrew: could you tell me again all the patches to use to test libaom?

@Phyllis: the build times depend only on the CPU, why don't you use
the more equipped system (the Epyc)? You would do builds in 1 to 2
minutes, versus 7 to 10 minutes on the laptop. You could virtualize
the various distros by giving them as much CPU and RAM.

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