[Cin] AOM 3.8, again

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 01:38:40 CET 2023

Despite the fact that libaom v3.8.0 does not build on Ubuntu 16, I have
tested it on 5 different levels of operating systems and found no issues
AND you all have been testing it A LOT !  For Ubuntu 16 and earlier cmake
versions the --enable-libaom=no added to the bld.sh configure line allows
for CinGG to build without libaom.  So the user who does their own builds
can either (1) update cmake, (2) build libaom v3.4.0 by changing
configure.ac AND deleting libaom parts in ./thirdparty/src, or (3) build
without it as --enable-libaom-no on the bld.sh configure line.

Any objections to checking libaom v3.8.0 into GIT for wide usage?  Andrew,
what about TERMUX?

I have compiled with both aom 3.8 and aom 3.6 patches without errors.
>> The rendering test results are:
>> aom 3.4: 34 fps
>> aom 3.6: 39 fps
>> aom 3.8: 48 fps
>> The speed increase is noticeable.
>> The videos result visually of the same quality. aom 3.4 and 3.6 give
>> files of equal size while aom 3.8 gives a slightly smaller file.
> Thanks. So, according to this upgrade to 3.8 is more desirable than just
> to 3.6. Not sure if keeping both versions (one perfixed with _ underscore)
> in src actually good idea size-wide? Hopefully if ppl can get cingg from
> internet for self-build they also can get libaom and flip the switch in
> configure.ac ? So may be just keeping prefixed patches for both versions
> and having  line in BUILDING explainin configure.ac edit (well, we do not
> have BUILDING yet as txt file in our root, but hopefully this can be fixed
> easily by copypasting manual section on this ?)
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