[Cin] Tool for timelinging and multitrack exports

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sat Jan 28 19:49:15 CET 2023


I think this scenario has passed by on the mailinglist before, and I might 
because of how I work, be more attracted to these kinds of problems than 
others that mainly do non-linear work.

After the recording, and after getting the main production idea, my 
projects are timewise mostly influenced by reconstruction of a multi track 
linear timeline.  I am using multiple camera's that don't use any (world) 
timecodes, and have 2GB limitations. So the best thing they can do is 
giving me a relative timestamp by means the filename or creation_time 

What I would be interested in is the ability to:

 0. having a forever scrolling canvas, canvas may do tricks like
    hiding places where no content is available

 1. "automatically" construct such timeline each track(group) being
    from a single device, which typically atomically can only produce
    a single stream of content by means of metadata

 2. having some tooling that can do macro alignment, independent
    of metadata (for example by audio fingerprinting)

 3. having some tooling that can do micro alignment

 4. export this in either some EDL format or multitrack format
    being NLE independent

I wonder what other people are using for the above, other than pen and 

>From my own experience within Cinerella (I know about mixers) I don't end 
up with the workflow that I want for non-continious recordings.

A second email follows on a different workflow issue.


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