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  2023-02-12, 07:24
Is our goal to get HDR passthrough to work to an HDR capable display, or to
just get HDR videos to display without being washed out? If it's the
latter, turn on tone mapping
the video settings for the HDR video. Kodi 20 has a few different tone
mapping options. Hable is pretty good.

If you want HDR passthrough, you'll need to use the GBM backend of Kodi
with GLES. The GL backend does not have the code to turn on HDR
passthrough, only GLES does. The Xorg and Wayland backends do not support
HDR passthrough. Xorg has no HDR support, and Wayland's is in progress and
incomplete (I'm not talking about Kodi, I'm talking about in general.)

To get the GLES backend for kodi GBM, you'll have to compile it yourself
<https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/blob/Nexus/docs/README.Ubuntu.md> as the PPA
version uses the GL backend. You will have to compile it with
the -DGBM_RENDER_SYSTEM=gles option. Then you'll have to run Kodi from a
regular text tty, and not X11. Switch to a tty with ctrl-alt-F2, log in,
and run kodi --windowing=gbm.


I looked at Arch package and it uses gl, not gles!

Also, bt2020 might be broken. Dolby vision not supported...


merged in late april ...2023.

Might not work on amd :( only on intel GPU.



I've noticed that in the current libreelec nightlies that if you start a
HDR file with an AMD APU / GPU that it will start playing but not in the
correct colourspace. It will play in SDR709. You then have to just return
to the Kodi menu while playing and go back to Fullscreen and the output
will then be correct at BT2020.

I've confirmed this issue on the AMD 5600G and the Radeon 6400 series.

This does not occur using my 12th gen Intel NUC. I believe it might have
something to do with this.

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