[Cin] Patch HDR for Color3way

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 09:00:11 CET 2024

>From this forum thread:


After the patch to make Color3way work in float, even with values
above the range (0 - 1.0f), this problem occurs:

"If I move the Shadows Value slider to the left, by the time it
reaches 0.006 the image is almost totally black, which makes it
totally useless."


"I confirm the problem. The color wheel also behaves the same way,
while the saturation slider works normally. Midtone and Highlight work

The applicated HDR patches can be seen here:


I've tried a few builds/tests. The patches for Overlays and for
Histogram plugin seem to work normally. Only the patch for Color3way
causes a problem. This problem occurs only for shadows, which is
strange because the patch only alters the white boundary and leaves
the black boundary unchanged. I tried to read the plugin code but I am
not able to understand the problem. Does anyone understand anything
about it?

For now you could exclude the Color3way patch but put the other two back in.

PS: Using the overlays in the patchbay seems to me that the PorterDuff
do not work. This does not depend on the patch because I have the same
behavior even with the old appimages without the patch...

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