[Cin] Fwd: Chromakey + blur testcase from IgorV

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Mon Feb 26 15:58:08 CET 2024

No, I would not change the code. I would left as it is. The reasons are 
multiple, for me:
- if you open an old project, that project works right with A_KEY=1. An 
user could have written, "it doesn't work", at that time. The test case 
shows why it doesn't work.
- Now, you can change A_KEY value from 0 to 1, if needed, using the 
"Keyframe parameters" window. If you change the code, that will no 
longer be possible.


26/02/2024 14:34, Andrew Randrianasulu wrote:
> For now we can try and modify in plugins/blur/blur.C
> void BlurMain::save_data(KeyFrame *keyframe)
> output.tag.set_property("A_KEY", config.a_key);
> replace config.a_key with 0 here ?
> so it will be always saved as 0
> void BlurMain::read_data(KeyFrame *keyframe)
> config.a_key = input.tag.get_property("A_KEY", config.a_key);
> with config.a_key = 0;
> so it will ignore saved 1 setting.
> At least this is my theory/idea for now.
> If we go with this plan we probably should left original lines 
> commented out with "//" and add line saying why reading/writing forced 
> to 0 for this param (due to disabled gui config in blurwindow.C)

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