[Cin] Is SD and HD 422 Video Capture obtainable with V4L(2)?

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 19:37:17 CET 2021

With reference to Adam Wilt:
> I-frame-only MPEG-2 is said to be comparable to DV format compression 
> at the same bit rate. Thus 25 megabit MPEG-2 should yield results (and 
> transcoding errors) similar to DV, and 50 Megabit MPEG-2 should be 
> comparable to DV50.
> MPEG-2 at 25 Megabits should be roughly comparable to DV, though its 
> 4:2:2 color sampling may be more beneficial for graphics. Are 25 Mbps 
> MPEG-2's benefits worth the transcoding hit coming from DV? It's 
> arguable: I've been comparing DV25 and MPEG-2 25Mbit, and can't say I 
> see a huge difference one way or the other. Both have their artifacts, 
> and their tradeoffs.
> DV50 or MPEG-2 at 50 Megabits will be clearly superior in quality to 
> DV, albeit at twice the data rate (think about the disk space and disk 
> speed necessary). Indeed, if you're originating on DV50 (D-9, 
> DVCPRO50) there's no reason to go with anything other than a DV50 NLE, 
> using SDTI in place of 1394 for the transfer. The only way up from 
> DV50, practically speaking, is to to go totally uncompressed -- and 
> nowadays, that's increasingly viable, what with fast disks and 
> inexpensive arrays. 

As I already pointed on in another thread, a solution to capture Hi8 to 
SD DV50 in 4:2:2 format was possible already 10 years ago

In a more recent thread here, Andrew mentioned a hdmi capture card (with 

Therefore I wonder if we, CinGG users and devs, are able to setup and 
test a recommended capture solution (w/card and guide) for SD and HD 
video in 4:2:2 colorspace, preferably using free drivers and tools like 
V4L/V4L2 and FFMpeg?

Terje J. H

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