[Cin] Updated x265 snapshot from another thread

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 03:17:58 CET 2023

> Test renderings, using x265, work fine, except using the 10-bit and
>>> 12-bit presets fail indicating that those pixel formats are not
>>> supported by x265 encoder.
>>> Using the multibit appimage (without the new patch), the 12- and
>>> 10-bit renderings work, but the vaapi preset does not.
>> To get 10-bit and 12-bit you have to apply
> ./thirdparty/compile_multibit_x265.txt and move the 3 patch files WITH the
> new names (i.e. instead of 3.5, the 17122023)  to subdirectory
> ./thirdparty/src and then do a build.  BUT I have not checked to see if the
> line numbers are still valid in the patchsets.  I will try that late today
> or else tomorrow.

Andrea, I tested and if you have any extra time to run some timings to see
if faster, that would be great.  I only rendered 1 h265-12bit.mp4 and did
not comparisons.  However, comparing a build with a multibit appimage may
not be useful as appimage might be slower overall.  The patch set as
described above works as is EXCEPT you will have to edit
./thirdparty/Makefile by hand -- around line 268, delete the x265.cfg lines
and substitute this line instead:
   x265.cfg_vars?=chmod +x ./configure; chmod +x ./multilib.sh;

So you will see these lines around that area:

x264.cfg_params?= --enable-static --enable-pic
x265.cfg_vars?=chmod +x ./configure; chmod +x ./multilib.sh;
libvpx.cfg_params?= --enable-pic --disable-avx512 --enable-vp9-highbitdepth
--disable-examples --disable-unit_tests
libdpx.cfg_vars?= libtoolize; aclocal; autoconf; automake -a;

> I wonder if the separation between multibit and non-multibit versions
>>> is still necessary.
>> well, I thought multilib build was slower, not at rendering but at build
>> itself ? It up to Phyllis to decide ....
>> I will test this again, but I do some many builds in a single day, it
> just slows me down a lot and my laptop sometimes overheats too.
I ran 2 test builds.  On my "gaming computer" laptop (on which I have never
played a game), it takes 10 1/2 minutes to compile multibit and only 7
minutes without it.  That does not seem like much, but it fits my Buddy
breaks nicely.
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